The scale did not balance

Lula apologized to the disabled population after a capacitist speech in a speech, but preferred the security of an edited text on the social network.

Lula really needs guidance with regard to the universe of people with disabilities.

The apology of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) to the disabled population serves to appease, but does not balance the scales and does not reduce the repercussion of the capacitist speech given by the President of the Republic last Tuesday, 18, in an improvised speech during an event to announce actions to combat violence in schools.

The retraction, not very long, in text edited and shared by Twitter, is much safer than a pronouncement, also improvised, on video.

Writing after reflecting is usually less disastrous, in addition to allowing you to reevaluate certain statements and thoughts that only spontaneity makes free.

Lula needs a lot of guidance with regard to the universe of people with disabilities, intellectual disabilities, mental disorders – it is essential to say, they are different worlds and with various particularities -, because even those who are directly involved with these groups have many uncertainties .

It is crucial that the participation in the government of the National Secretariat for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (should already be a Ministry) be strengthened, that it bring specialists to debates and decisions, that this body of the Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship become a central figure in the discussions .

In February, Anna Paula Feminella, national secretary for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, said during an interview with the blog Vencer Limites that the body would adopt an anti-capacity stance to expand the country’s knowledge of people with disabilities.

By stating that people with mental disorders have “screw problems”, Lula revealed an archaic idea on this issue. “I’ve talked to and listened to many people in recent days and I’m not ashamed to assume that I’m still learning and seeking to evolve”, declared the president in his apology.

The evolution of knowledge requires advances in practice. After so much turmoil, what will come?

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