The season 14 finale of Shark Tank ends on an unrealistic pitch

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shark tank just aired the season 14 finale and several fans seemed shocked by one of the pitches, calling it unrealistic even for a reality TV show. This pitch revolved around a game by Tank Resch, who expected a huge investment from the Sharks, despite not having proven that the product could be successful.

Here’s a look at Tank’s product and why he exited without an investor.

Tank Resch wants to invest $500,000 for his board game

George “Tank” Resch came out shark tank to find an investor for the season 14 finale. His product enjoys great fame on the Internet. Tank has a huge social media following as he has built an empire out of mocking social media influencers. His side is Influencers in the wild and he pokes fun at the struggles people go to to become famous on the internet.

Tank then thought this could be a great board game. Under the same name as his website presence, he created the adult board game to continue poking fun at influencers. Each player has a character and they draw cards and must make decisions that can affect whether they gain or lose followers. He sells the game for $29.99 through his website and also offers it on Amazon for $19.99.

Tank Resch on Shark Tank / Episode Screencap

Mark Cuban knew who Tank was and admitted he followed him on social media. However, Mark wasn’t interested in supporting the game when he heard the numbers. Tanks Influencers in the Wild has five million followers on Instagram. However, when asked about the sales figures, he replied that he had only sold 1,500 units. Even accounting for the higher price, that only equates to $44,985 in sales. However, Tank said he sold $140,000 worth of items, which didn’t make up the total.

Asking $500,000, Cuban immediately backed down. Lori Greiner said she didn’t think anyone would like the game enough to make it a success. Kevin O’Leary backed down and Barbara Corcoran said he was asking too much money. Daymond John also retired and Tank had no investors.

shark tank fand thought investors in the wild was a bad pitch

Many fans took to social media to shout out Tank and shark tank for letting this pitch through. Some viewers seemed unaware that board games are still popular as a niche product even in 2023, but others pointed out that the game’s themes don’t have a long shelf life.

“This is not a durable product. No way are any of the sharks investing in this influencer board game.” one viewer tweeted. Another pointed out that Tank had no idea what he was doing while presenting his game. “How have you been watching like the rest of us since season one without using the Sharks’ numbers and accomplishments as leverage for your investment?” they tweeted.

Although Tank Resch may not have had an investor, he almost certainly increased his sales after his performance at shark tank, which could be a win for the internet sensation. What have you been thinking about? Influencers in the wild? Let us know below in the comments.

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