The simple trick to achieve the perfect center part

It’s never too late to jump into the iconic center part look. It’s a versatile style that can stand on its own or serve as a gateway to more styles. The first step, however, is knowing how to form a line that is both straight and emanating from your true center. You don’t want to draw your line only to find out later that you missed your center.

There’s a foolproof way to do this, and Sally Hershberger Downtown hairstylist Matt Fugate explains how to do Allure. He recommends using the tip of your nose as an anchor point to find the center of your head. After placing a finger on the tip of your nose, use a long-tailed comb to follow your finger’s position down to the scalp. He also recommends parting your hair flat on your forehead with the end of the comb and just going straight back with it.

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