The son of Melanie Martin and Aaron Carter is the perfect mix of them

Melanie Martin thinks she and Aaron Carter’s son Prince are the best of both worlds!

The couple, who have been through some ups and downs, were over the moon when they welcomed the little one in November 2021. Since the singer’s death, she has continued to share heartwarming details about her baby boy, who forms an enduring bond between them.

Melanie Martin and Aaron Carter’s son is the perfect blend of their traits

On her Instagram Story, the social media influencer posted a picture of the teenage boy enjoying himself in a playground. The little boy grinned for the camera, wore a white shirt over blue jeans and had a full head of blonde hair.

On the left side of the picture, the Bulgarian native revealed how Prince resembled her and his late father. “He has my eye shape, skin color and then Aaron’s lips, eye color, nose, eyebrows and blonde hair 😁 💕,” wrote the loving mother proudly.

In April, the TV personality wowed her followers with a presentation her young son’s remarkable talent for number recognition. In one adorable video, the toddler, dressed in a stylish blue Reebok shirt and denim shorts, confidently identified the numbers displayed on a gaming pad held by Martin.

Melanie Martin and Aaron Carter's son is the perfect mix of them, here's how
Instagram | Melanie Martin

As she held up different squares with numbers, the toddler correctly identified each one. However, when presented with the number eight, he surprised his mother by playfully plugging the square figure into a larger number instead of answering.

Despite the challenges of being a single mother, she remains committed to providing the best for her child, even as she often reflects on the memories of her late partner.

In a heartfelt moment, she shared a touching detail about the birth of her baby boy, recalling moments together including holding hands while driving, movies on holiday and being entertained by his whimsical dance moves.

She then went on to mention the “I Want Candy” singer’s unwavering support during the birth of her son, declaring, “I miss you holding my hand in the hospital room to deliver Prince.”

Martin also recalled other aspects of Carter’s personality, including his musical talents on the piano and drums, his fun accents, and his love of singing Christmas carols. Expressing her deep longing, she added, “I miss ordering a full buffet from Uber Eats and trying everything because it’s something you love to do.”

Melanie Martin remembers encountering her late fiancé’s song

Despite the enduring bitterness of losing her boyfriend, the ‘Only Fans’ star continues to make sure his memory lives on in the hearts of her social media followers.

Since Carter’s untimely death on Nov. 5, 2022 at his home in Lanchester, Calif., The Blast noted that she did so by sharing touching tributes and nostalgic throwback memories on her social platforms.

Melanie Martin opens up about Aaron Carter's warnings about his death
Instagram | Melanie Martin

To this end, the mother-of-one uploaded a video of herself in a busy grocery store and wanted to capture the audio experience. She urged her followers to listen carefully to the song playing in the background.

As the clip continued, viewers caught a glimpse of the store’s well-stocked aisles and sleek white tiles as Martin moved through the surroundings. The footage showed the store’s spacious layout with high ceilings, multiple vents, and fluorescent lighting.

Although the background music was barely audible in the video, the former bartender emphasized its importance, revealing that it was a song associated with her child’s father. Accompanying the video, the 31-year-old clarified in the caption: “As soon as I arrive at the store, his song sounds 🤍.”

To commemorate the six-month anniversary of Carter’s untimely passing, she released a touching video that featured a collection of pictures of her and the late singer, capturing their inseparable bond in a variety of locations, including apparent photoshoots.

The poignant tribute was accompanied by Lana Del Ray’s Summertime Sadness and also featured the late 43-year-old cradling her newborn son Prince and playing with their dog during the baby shower.

In the caption, she expressed her deep loss, writing, “6 months ago I lost the love of my life 🦋😪💔.”

The former lash clip owner also shared a screenshot of a Facetime call between Carter and his best friend, Marie Catherine Huntley, with the caption, “6 months since our last Facetime 😞.”

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