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New sharp shooting in Plochingen – the owner of a shisha bar is injured

On Sunday morning, the owner of a shisha bar near the train station was shot.

By Alexander Kappen

District of Stuttgart/Plochingen. “The shots were fired from a car,” a spokesman for the State Criminal Police Office told a local newspaper. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, a shisha bar operator was injured. The man was alone in the restaurant.

Shots were fired through the window panes from the outside in. However, the police have not yet been able to identify any perpetrators. An investigation group called “Runaway” has already been set up to deal with the shootings in the region.

A police helicopter was also looking for the perpetrators, but they had already disappeared in the dark of night. At the end of January there had already been a shootout in Plochngen, in which an innkeeper was injured. Connections to the gastronomy scene are therefore obvious, the reporter suspects.

Chronology: Shots were fired in Eislingen (Göppingen district) two weeks ago, one night later it happened in Plochingen and also in Reichenbach (near Plochingen).

But there was also shooting in Donzdorf, which only became known now. A witness had also heard a gunshot early in the morning of February 24. However, only one. That’s why he didn’t report it to the police right away. The message was too uncertain for him. The Ulm public prosecutor’s office has now confirmed that shots had also been fired in Donzdorf. And there was also shooting in Ostfildern.

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