The SV Mering is subject to Kaufering

This year SV Mering could not collect a single point. In Kaufering the team left the field with a score of 1:2. It is the 13th defeat in a row.

On Saturday, the last form weak wanted SV Mering Collect points away from VfL Kaufering. After conceding their second defeat in a row last weekend due to a late setback in added time and thus being without a win for six games, they didn’t want to go home without a win this time.

However, the negative series continued this weekend and MSV was left empty-handed again. The team still didn’t get a single point in the new year. The Abazi team has already lost a total of 13 games. After 20 minutes, Maximilian Muha gave the hosts the lead. After a free kick, Muha extended the ball with his head. “An unnecessary foul by us. Then one of our players misses this standard and the whole team is behind,” says annoyed meringues Coach Ayet Abazi.

2:0 lead for Kaufering before half-time

Shortly before half-time, SV Mering then unfortunately conceded the 2-0. VfL broke through on the right side, the Meringer defender went into the duel half-heartedly and Luis Vetter came to the flank. The cross landed curiously in the goal of SV Mering due to the wind. However, the guests were not without chances in the first round. After a sharp cross, a Kauferinger defender wanted to clear the ball and the ball landed on his own post: bad luck for the Meringer. With the 2:0 lead for the newly promoted team, it was time for the half-time break.

After the change of sides, the guests were the more active team and had good opportunities to catch up, especially in this section of the game. After 62 minutes then the 2:1 goal. Once again it was Endrit Ahmeti who took the ball in the penalty area, turned nicely and hit the ball in the far post.

That’s what Mering’s coach Ajet Abazi says

For the 21-year-old winter signing it was the second goal in only the third game for SV Mering. After that, the guests continued to put pressure on and had good advances, but the last ball didn’t arrive. In the end it stayed at 2:1. “We definitely deserved a point, especially because of the performance in the second half. Nevertheless, as is the case in football, the round has to go into the square, the team that does it more often wins the game,” says Abazi.

Despite the defeat, he is satisfied with the team’s performance. “We gave it our all, the boys fought until the end, we don’t need to be ashamed of this performance.” SV Mering will have the opportunity to break the negative series next week Saturday. At 4 p.m., TV Erkheim, who is also in danger of relegation, is welcomed at home in the fight for staying up.

SV Mering: Bauman, Krebold, Cagil, cobbler, fidan (from 46. Ögunc), Krachtus, Ahmeti, BytyqiUtz, Manfreda, Ebeling (from 85. Long). Gates: 0-1 Muha (20′), 2-0 Vetter (45′), 2-1 Ahmeti (62′). Viewers: 150

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