The trailers for Bandish 2 will haunt you

KARACHI: One of our favorite desi past times is telling horror stories. Possessions, black magic, creepy shadows are all a major part of these stories. What happens when you combine all of those things and make it into a drama? You end up with a series like Bandish 2 which can make you lose sleep with just its trailers! If you’re too afraid to sit through all five trailers for the new drama but are super curious to see what the show has in store, here is a run down.

Directed by Aabis Raza and written by Syed Nabeel and Shahid Nizami, Bandish 2 will feature a star cast which includes Sania Saeed, Affan Waheed, Amna Ilyas and Areej Mohiuddin. The plot of the drama follows a regular family who moves into an old house and find themselves being targeted by sinister forces. Over the course of the five trailers shared, we realize each family member is being targeted in a different way altogether. From visions of gruesome deaths, to apparitions to physical trauma at the behest of the forces, no one is spared, old or young. All the while, we get glimpses of black magic being performed which confirms that this isn’t an ordinary haunting and the question becomes: who is more dangerous, the paranormal forces or the humans summoning them?

What makes Bandish 2 so scary isn’t necessarily the story but the way the story is told. The trailers are a perfect mix of setting with an eerie house, and things seen and unseen with jump scares and subtle shadows looming in the dark. And when it isn’t necessarily scary, the clips are definitely uncomfortable to watch!

ARY Digital hasn’t announced a release date for Bandish 2 just yet but its safe to say we cannot wait!

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