The unexpected family connection between King Charles and Jill Biden

Before you get your hopes up: no, they are not siblings. Or cousins. Or even second cousins. They are cousins ​​12. Degrees, four times removed (let’s say). The ten times fast). But if they are so distantly related, how are they connected in the first place? Well, they share a common ancestor that dates back to 16th-century Spain. His name was Philippe III de Cröy, a prominent nobleman who served as a knight to the then King of Spain, Philip II.

Before you get too excited, it does not do dr Biden to the secret king (although that would be pretty cool). Their common bloodline is very different. Philippe III de Cröy was married to a woman named Johanna. Together they had four children, two of whom – Marguerite and Anne Isabelle – were the ancestors of Dr. Biden and King Charles became. The First Lady is descended from Marguerite de Cröy, while the newly appointed monarch is descended from her sister.

Predictably, the king’s bloodline remained noble. The First Ladies, on the other hand, eventually settled in the United States after living in Europe for quite a while.

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