The Untold Truth Of The Long-Forgotten James Bond Jr. Cartoon

What is it with heroes and the lack of parents? From Spider-Man to Batman, it appears as if these individuals only find their purpose in life when something happens to their parents. Seemingly, the original premise for “James Bond Jr.” would have featured young James searching for his kidnapped parents, as confirmed by “The Lost Adventures of James Bond” author Mark Edlitz while appearing on “James Bond Radio.”

In the end, this wasn’t the direction taken for the show. Instead, the teenage James is sent to Warfield Academy where he and his new friends, such as IQ, Gordo, Phoebe, and Tracy, have to stop S.C.U.M. while also navigating high school life and their nosey, troublemaking colleague Trevor Noseworthy IV. James’ parents never really feature as characters in the story since he is in boarding school.

In retrospect, it was likely a wise decision, since a focus on James’ parents would have raised more questions about the history of 007. After all, in the Ian Fleming novels, it is said that 007 is an orphan with no brothers or sisters. The only possible explanation to maintain that canon would be that one or both of Bond’s parents had secret dalliances with other people, and this might have been a little too adult to cover in a children’s program.

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