The viral hack that makes it easy to wear tie tops with a bra (and is a lifesaver for bigger boobs)

TikTok user @naomi.native’s bra hiding hack is an absolute lifesaver. The first thing you need to get this hack going is a stretchy, non-wired sports bra that will give you support and support, like these sports bras for larger boobs. It’s important that this bra is non-wired and super stretchy, otherwise the hack may not work for you.

Once you’ve chosen and worn your bra, slip your lace-up top over it. Now for the fun part: to hide your bra, you’re going to use the strings to do all the work for you. When you have four strings to work with, grab the top two strings and pull them into the top of your bra and then pull them out through the bottom. Do the same with your bottom ties, this time threading them through the top of your bra from the bottom outwards. The final step is to tie your strings as usual. You’ll find the cords close around the center of your bra, cinching it and hiding it from view.

This hack is like magic. It really looks like you’re not wearing a bra, and the lift you get from this hack is amazing.

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