The Witcher Clears Up Cahir & Vilgefortz’s Season 1 Plot Hole With One Vital Line

In Netflix’s “Making The Witcher: Season 3” documentary, showrunner Lauren Hissrich confirmed that this specific line was meant to clarify what happened during the duel between Vilgefortz and Cahir — acknowledging how that particular moment had upset many fans of the series.

“Fans were in uproar. ‘Vilgefortz is the most powerful mage, there is no way, he could kill Cahir by just looking at him,’” Hissrich explained during the “Making The Witcher: Season 3” documentary (per Redanian Intelligence). The hardest thing for him about this long game is that he had to hide his skills. When we see his power demonstrated for the first time, it is against Geralt.” Indeed, shortly after this line, fans are forced to watch Geralt of Rivia take the beating of a lifetime from Vilgefortz, as the sorcerer easily defeats Geralt with just a staff and minimal magic.

This complete and utter beatdown (which nearly kills Geralt) is much more in line with the Vilgefortz that book readers are familiar with, who is revered as one of the greatest fighters on the entire Continent and one of the most powerful sorcerer in the Brotherhood of Mages. In any case, it seems like Season 3 of “The Witcher” is trying to rectify the show’s mistake from Season 1 and clarify that Vilgefortz is actually one of the most dangerous foes that Geralt has ever faced.

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