There’s a lot going on in the (Schur-)Wald in May – Stuttgart Journal

There’s a lot going on in the (Schur-)Wald in May – Stuttgart Journal

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The trees are currently in full bloom and need a lot of water to do so

The foresters currently have a lot to do in the “Forest” nature reserve. Here, walkers can “recharge” with peace, oxygen and nature.

By Alexander Kappen

esslingen The virgin forest has been proven to have very good air. Lichens on the trees (similar to those in the Black Forest) prove that there is almost “spa air” here. This means a relaxing effect for the walker.

It’s not for nothing that reporters like to be out and about here on Sundays after a strenuous reporter’s week. He has his regular route through the forest, so he is on the road for half an hour with a difference in altitude, in order to then stop off comfortably in the “Zeus” pub with a great beer garden or in the “Jägerhaus” pub, which has excellent cuisine.

At the moment, the foresters also have a lot to do in the virgin forest. New trees are planted in May and the new forest year is already being planned a bit. The actual planning begins in July. Where do you still have to plant new trees, where do you still have to fell old trees?

Wild cherry and crab apple trees will be replanted. In order to protect them, the foresters in the Schurwald use protective gratings made of wood. A total of 1700 seedlings are replanted in May. This is how you want to fill clearings and “renew” the forest as a whole, rejuvenate it.

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