Thiago Camilo takes the pole and starts at the top on the Stock Car return to Tarumã

Stage 3 takes place this Sunday, the 21st, in the resumption of the autodromo gaucho after six years out of the modality circuit; see the starting grid

Thiago Camilo will start at the tip in Tarumã for the third stage of the stock car 2023, this Sunday, 21. He had the best time in qualifying this Saturday and took pole, leaving behind daniel serrawho drops in second.

Behind them, Julio Campos, Felipe Fraga, Gabriel Casagrande and Cacá Bueno close the top-5. The leader Ricardo Mauriciofrom Eurofarma, did not reach Q2 and starts in 24th place.


The highlight was Felipe Fraga, from Blau Motorsport. He led Q1, closely followed by Thiago Camilo. In third came César Ramos, Camilo’s partner at Ipiranga Racing. In group 2, however, Júlio Campos, from Lubrax, had a better time than Ramos.

The pilots tested Tarumã’s reformed curbs in the curves. Enzo Elias (Crown Racing) spun and hit the tire barrier at turn 1. Without major damage, the driver could return to racing on Sunday. However, he starts in 27th.

Felipe Fraga, Tiago Camilo, Julio Campos, César Ramos, Gabriel Casagrande, Cacá Bueno, Ricardo Zonta, Daniel Serra, Nelson Piquet Jr., Sérgio Jimenez, Guilherme Salas, Felipe Massa, Denis Navarro, Arthur Leist and Rafael Suzuki advanced to Q2.


Thiago Camilo maintained consistency to stay at the top of the best times. Felipe Fraga, on the other hand, saved the car for Q3, but without taking any scares, getting fourth.

The balance held in Q2. Cacá Bueno and Ricardo Zonta had the same time – 1m04s739. As Cacá made the mark 11 seconds earlier than his opponent, he went on to Q3.

In addition to the KTF Sports pilot, Q3 had Thiago Camilo, Julio Campos, Gabriel Casagrande, Felipe Fraga and Daniel Serra.


Thiago Camilo made it worth the good balance of the Ipiranga Racing car in Tarumã. He stayed ahead in Q3 as well and took pole. Gabriel Casagrande spun, lost time and left the chance of pole position on the track.

It is Camilo’s 28th pole position. He was followed by Daniel Serra, Julio Campos, Felipe Fraga, Casagrande and Cacá Bueno.


This Friday, the 9th, free training begins. On Saturday, the qualifiers will be at 12:50. For real, Race 1 will be at 12:40 pm on Sunday, followed by Race 2 at 1:20 pm. The races are broadcast live on the Internet through the Estadão and Stock Car channels on YouTube. And on TV by Band and SporTV 3.

Starting grid in Tarumã

  1. Thiago Camilo
  2. daniel serra
  3. Julio Campos
  4. Felipe Fraga
  5. Gabriel Casagrande
  6. cacá bueno
  7. Ricardo Zonta
  8. Nelson Piquet Jr.
  9. Denis Navarro
  10. Cesar Ramos
  11. Sergio Jimenez
  12. Guilherme Salas
  13. Felipe Massa
  14. Arthur Leist
  15. Gianluca Petecof
  16. Rodrigo Baptista
  17. Allam Khodair
  18. Lucas Foresti
  19. Gaetano Di Mauro
  20. Bruno Baptista
  21. Atila Abreu
  22. Rubens Barrichello
  23. Ricardo Mauricio
  24. Marcos Gomes
  25. Felipe Baptista
  26. Enzo Elias
  27. Lucas Kohl
  28. Raphael Teixeira

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