Thinking games for dogs: These games challenge your clever four-legged friend

Balanced dog life
Thinking games for dogs promote the mental and physical abilities of your four-legged friend

Thinking games for dogs ensure balance for your four-legged friend

Thinking games for dogs ensure balance for your four-legged friend

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A dog wants to be busy. This includes not only playing together, but also challenges in everyday dog ​​life. Thinking games challenge your four-legged friend mentally and physically. Why this matters.

The game between four-legged friend and human fundamentally strengthens the social bond and strengthens the feeling of togetherness in the pack. It promotes tolerance and communication among each other but also the intelligence of the animals. Because in the game the dog finds solutions and strengthens its self-confidence. There are basically four different categories of dog games: intelligence games, movement games, sniffing games and prey games. This article is about the former, because so-called mind games require the concentration of dogs and have a positive effect in the long term.

Puzzle games for dogs

Dog intelligence games offer a welcome change and are ideal for indoor use. They challenge the mental abilities of your four-legged friend. Brain games for dogs also cost energy, so that they like to take breaks and go to the basket afterwards. The beauty of such games is that your dog earns the reward all by himself and receives it immediately. In general, search and sniffing games are ideal for mentally stimulating your dog.

sniffing carpet

Sniffing games require the sensitive nose of your four-legged friend. As a rule, treats are hidden and your dog has to find them independently. Dog sniffing carpets increase the level of difficulty and provide long-term employment. This Model is adjustable in size and is therefore suitable both at home and on the go, for example as a pastime on vacation.

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Puzzle game for dogs made of wood

Your dog has to look for this one too Wooden puzzle for four-legged friends. The animal should look for its reward by opening the hiding places by sliding panels. As a human, you can help to solve the problem and put your dog on the right track. The cooperation strengthens the bond between human and animal and helps the dog to build trust.

Intelligence toys for dogs

Mental activity also challenges dogs physically, because dogs like to go on discovery tours and solve problems in their own way. You use your paws and muzzle for this. This puzzle game for dogs offers nine hidden treat compartments and is suitable for advanced sleuths.

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