This Barbie Makeover Of The Harry Potter Cast Is Perfect (Especially Hagrid)

It’s easy to see why “Harry Potter” and “Barbie” are popular subjects among people who rely on AI to create content. “Harry Potter” is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, with pretty much everyone having at least a passing familiarity with the story and subject. That’s probably why “Harry Potter” has received numerous AI interpretations, such as one that places the characters in a Guy Ritchie movie. 

As for “Barbie,” it’s the most popular movie in the world right now, grossing over $1 billion. And it’s easy to put the general aesthetic of the film onto anything. Inputting “Barbie” into an AI system means it’s going to make everything pink. That’s about all AI can handle, but it hasn’t stopped a plethora of “Barbie” filters emerging on social media. For instance, TikTok has a Barbie filter that can turn the subject into a Barbie doll. Some people have even used it on their dogs, which results in pure nightmare fuel. 

One interesting aspect of these “Harry Potter” AI creations for both the “Barbie” and Guy Ritchie mash-ups is that AI seems to always give Voldemort a nose. Even in the books, Voldemort’s nose is described as “flat as a snake’s, with slits for nostrils.” It should go without saying AI isn’t perfect and is certainly no replacement for actual human artists.

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