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Anyone who thinks of Kamener SC automatically always thinks of Moritz Denninghoff. The top striker, who used to play for FC Schalke 04 in his youth, has already scored 37 goals this season and is the top scorer in the A2 district football league in Unna-Hamm. In total, he has made 60 hits. However, that could be tight, because on Sunday he was injured in the 6-0 victory against TuS Niederaden.

Coach Ahmet Kahya explains why: “We had a final training session on Friday. He twisted his ankle without physical contact.” It was the “old injury”: “That’s why we said we wouldn’t let him play today,” said the coach on Sunday after the game. However, Kahya does not anticipate a long-term failure. He was granted the break to “spare him for the next week”. The plan obviously worked out with the high victory. Kahya: “We did everything right”.

Kamener SC deservedly wins

Even without the goal scorer on duty, Kamener SC didn’t give TuS Niederaden a chance. One almost had the impression that Kamen’s game would be even more difficult to calculate without Denninghoff. In any case, Kahya was very satisfied with the game of his eleven: “It was a deserved win. The whole team put in a solid performance today.” The goals were also played well: “We made up our minds from the start to let the ball run and play with two contacts. All in all, we managed that well.”

In the early stages, however, Kahya didn’t seem happy at all and kept shouting instructions at his players. “We had the match plan, playing the game across the board so that there was a gap in the middle,” explains the coach, “but we played too many chip balls into the center. That’s deadly.”

In the remaining games, Kahya can work on the last little things that still distinguish Kamener SC from a team like TuRa Bergkamen. In addition, the club is already planning for the coming season.

“90 percent of the team” (Kahya) have already agreed to the new season. The club is also planning four to five new players. Talks are still being held with two or three external players. The long-term goal is clear for the trainer: “We want to finish in the top four. Then you have to see where the path is going.”

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