Three dead in train crash near Hanover

BWhen a train collided with a car at a level crossing near Hanover, three people died. A police spokeswoman announced this on Sunday morning at the request of the German Press Agency.

According to the first information, the three dead people are occupants of the car. As the “Neue Presse” reported online, the accident site is said to be north of Neustadt am Rübenberg, near the federal highway 6. The train is said to be a double-decker regional train.

Before the fatal collision, the accident car drove onto the level crossing with the barrier closed, according to the police. A police spokeswoman said on Sunday morning. According to the information, it is a half barrier that does not span the entire width of the street.

The regional train caught the car “at full speed”, according to the spokeswoman. The driver was 22 years old, according to police. At first there was no more precise information about the age of the other two inmates, two young women.

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