Three simple steps to keep your garden mosquito-free this summer

Like a moth to a light, mosquitoes are drawn to backyards because they spend 75 percent of their lives in water, laying eggs.

Because the pests thrive in humid and warm environments, properties near bodies of water are at greater risk of infestation.

But even if your home is near a stream or river, one expert claims three steps can keep the infamous fly off your property.

The TikToker, who shares her wisdom on the @doityourselfpestcontrol account, explained, “Now summer is here, your backyard will be a haven for mosquitoes.”

The first golden rule is to ensure that there is little to no standing water in your yard, as these provide ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

“Get rid of that, because that’s where mosquitoes like to disperse and multiply,” the expert told viewers. “So you should check areas where water is being retained, like buckets, tires, drains, gutters, cans and the like.”

Once this step is complete, it is important to trim back large bushes as this will limit the shade available to insects.

“Mosquitoes like to cool off on the underside of the leaves of trees and bushes. By cutting them off or removing them altogether, we can keep them under control,” the TikToker noted.

Once that’s done, use a repellent in your yard to deter any remaining mosquitoes. Citronella and lavender are common and effective essential oils for pest control as they both despise aromas.

Experts have previously argued that the natural ingredient may be more effective than commercial repellents at repelling mosquitoes.

Last but not least, the DIY expert recommends spraying the shrubs with an insecticide, adding, “Always make sure to spray the underside of the leaves and avoid spraying pollinating plants like flowers.”

The main goal of these steps is to create an uninhabitable environment for mosquitoes and encourage them to venture elsewhere to lay their eggs.

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