Till Lindemann: He surprised with this statement after the concert

Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann thanked the fans at the last Berlin concert – and surprised them with a statement.

At the last of three concerts in Berlin, Rammstein singer Till Lindemann (60) caused a stir by thanking the fans at the end of the show. On Tuesday evening (July 18), the frontman played a sold-out concert in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium along with the other five Rammstein members. After a good two hours of performance, he thanked the audience: “Three times in our city, three times in Berlin. Thank you for being there.”

Statement at the end of the third Berlin concert

Lindemann added: “And always remember: You don’t believe evil tongues. The truth will come to light anyway.” At the third concert in Berlin, the controversial singer apparently once again referred to the current headlines about the band, which is facing allegations of alleged sexual abuse.

Already at the two previous shows in Berlin, Lindemann had surprised with two changes in the text passages of the songs “Angst” and “Ohne Dich”, which are also to be understood as an allusion to the headlines.

On Saturday (July 15), Lindemann did not sing the original line “Everyone is afraid of the black man” as usual in the song “Angst”. Instead, he sang the line “Everyone is afraid of Lindemann”. On Sunday (July 16) he also replaced a text passage in the song “Ohne Dich”. In the second stanza he exchanged the words “Woe is me, oh woe. And the birds sing no more” with “And the singers fuck no more”.

How does the Rammstein tour continue?

After the three concerts in Berlin, the band’s almost sold-out tour of European stadiums continues. Next, Rammstein will perform in Paris, Vienna, Chorzów in Poland and in Brussels. The tour ends there with three concerts at the beginning of August. From November 2023, Till Lindemann will probably start his planned solo tour. This is already sold out in several cities.

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