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With extensive dominance by Red Bull so far, the third round of the championship takes place in Melbourne, at the Albert Park circuit

After two weeks of Saudi Arabia GPThe Formula 1 is back for the third race of the season. the race in melbourneat Australiaoccurs in the circuit of albert parkwhich has been in the category since 1996.

The first free practices are held in two sessions, with the first taking place on Thursday night, at 22:30 (Brasília time) and the second session taking place at 2:00 (Brasília time), in the early hours of Friday.

Also on Friday, another free practice session, at 10:30 pm, followed by classification on Saturday morning, at 2 am. On Sunday morning, the race starts at 2am.


All Australian GP practices will be broadcast on BandSports. The Band displays qualifying training and the race.


The race takes place at 2 am (Brasília time), in the early hours of the 2nd, in Australia.


With Red Bull’s extensive dominance at the start of the season, it’s hard to predict any result other than another one-two for the Austrian team. So far, Max Verstappen and Sérgio Perez have won first and second place in the first two stages, with the Dutchman winning in Bahrain and the Mexican triumphing in Saudi Arabia.

In the dispute for the second force, Aston Martin, Mercedes and Ferrari seek to overcome their rivals. The rest of the field is well balanced, which makes the race in Australia have strong emotional components.

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