Timing of Lula’s unfortunate sentence about Moro bomb conspiracy theory

The timing couldn’t have been worse for President Lula. One day after he stated that he wanted to “fuck this Moro” when he was imprisoned in the Federal Police jail due to his conviction for Lava Jato, a PF action, coincidentally, dismantled a PCC plan to kidnap and kill authorities, among them the former Minister of Justice and, today, Senator Sergio Moro (União Brasil-PR).

This triggered a wave of bizarre conspiracy theories by bolsonaristas against Lula, as if he was responsible for the plans against the senator. In fact, Moro would be on the PCC list for transfers of prison leaders and for an ordinance that restricted intimate visits when he was Minister of Justice.

The opportunistic attack on Lula had the participation of far-right parliamentarians and Bolsonaro himself: “In 2002, Celso Daniel, in 2018 Jair Bolsonaro and now Sérgio Moro. Everything cannot be just a coincidence. Absolute power at any price has always been the goal of the left,” he posted on Twitter. Since he was cornered by the revelation that he tried to appropriate R$ 17 million in jewels from the Brazilian State, the former president did not go on the attack.

The Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, repudiated the conclusions in a press conference. “I am amazed at the level of bad character of anyone trying to politicize a serious investigation, so serious that it was carried out in defense of the life and integrity of a senator in opposition to our government,” he said. He said he was informed 45 days ago of the threat against the authorities.

In an interview with TV 247, this Tuesday (21), Lula said he was angry with former federal judge Sergio Moro. “Once in a while a prosecutor would go there on a Saturday, a weekday, to ask if everything was okay. Three or four attorneys would come in and ask: is everything okay? [Eu respondia que] It is not alright. It’s only going to be okay when I fuck this Moro”.

It is understandable that Lula harbors negative feelings for the former federal judge who helped Jair Bolsonaro become president by taking the PT candidate out of the 2018 election by sending him to jail for 580 days. But today he is president of the Republic and Moro, opposition senator. Unnecessary statements like this have their consequences.

On Tuesday afternoon, after the interview was aired, Lula’s desire to “fuck” Moro was already among the most commented subjects on Twitter. Even if part of the extreme right does not like the former Minister of Justice for leaving the Bolsonaro government, accusing the chief of interfering in the PF to defend friends and relatives, support for him was massive due to the possibility of attacking Lula.

Moro said, in an interview with CNN, this Tuesday, that “the president hurt the liturgy of office by using profanity” and that this was being “used as a way to divert the focus from the failures of the federal government”.

More important, however, was another part of the comment. “When the president uses this offensive language against me, in my view it even poses a personal risk to me and my family,” he said.

When he said that, he already knew about the PCC’s plan against him. So much so that his colleague Rogério Marinho (PL-RN), leader of the opposition in the Senate, told UOL, this Wednesday (22), that he and his family had been accompanied by the PF for a month. Other targets were also protected by authorities.

It is hard to imagine that Moro’s response to CNN did not take into account that an investigation into threats against him from the PCC was ongoing by the Federal Police. In that sense, his statement left a connection to be filled by Bolsonarism, which lives on the basis of conspiracy theories.

And they effectively did that this morning, pumping out the lie that Lula allied himself with the PCC against Moro. As there is already another fake that links the PT summit to this criminal organization, it all made sense to the minds of many people who live a lie.

Behind the scenes of the government in Brasilia, there are those who accuse the timing of dismantling the operation as “too perfect”, a day after Lula’s unfortunate statements. In other words, there was opportunism against Lula.

But that too is in the realm of speculation. What is in the concrete field is that the president has said too much. And now, there are even parliamentarians discussing surreal things, such as an impeachment request against Lula for threatening Moro.

During an interview with TV 247, he cried when he remembered the 580 days he was imprisoned in the PF jail in Curitiba. Subsequently, the Federal Supreme Court annulled the convictions for defects in the processes and considered that the then federal judge Sergio Moro was biased in the judgment.

Being imprisoned unjustly messes with anyone’s head and, precisely, Lula cried in the interview because of that. However, the President of the Republic, known for his spontaneity, needs to understand that the guidelines he received during last year’s election campaign are still valid: everything he says will be used against him. Even more so when he gives reason to do so.

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