Tiny farming, drop in military suicides, first African nation to approve HIV prevention drug

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, tiny farms create agriculture jobs, military suicides continue to fall thanks to mental health programs, and Zimbabwe becomes the first country in Africa to approve an HIV prevention drug.

These new farmers are managing their tiny farms via smartphone

In Germany, ‘tiny farms’ attract young people who want flexible hours, while still being able to live in the city.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

Mental health programs help drop in US military suicides

The shift follows the implementation of a new program focused on mental health, while Covid-restrictions’ role in the decline stays unclear.

Source: PBS

This promising program is dispatching mental health professionals to 911 callers

The programme, designed to reduce dangerous interactions with the police, has connected almost 400 people with care without any use of violence.

Source: Bloomberg

Zimbabwe becomes first African nation to approve HIV prevention drug

The World Health Organization welcomes the country’s ‘crucial step’ in backing the use of long-acting injectable cabotegravir (CAB-LA).

Source: The Guardian

Employees of the Bank of Ireland will be able to receive menopause leave

Employees of the Bank of Ireland can now receive 10 days of paid menopause leave. The initiative is designed to help women keep their jobs and dignity when going through menopause.

Source: CNN

Breaking the taboos around menstruation

Indian non-profit Avni seeks to change the stigma around menstruation in India. It also spearheads a movement seeking to implement eco-friendly sanitary products.

Source: The Inkline

Experts look at 18th-century voting system to fix democracy

The two-party system has eroded many people’s beliefs in the principles of democracy. Experts suggest reviving an 18th-century idea called “fusion voting.”

Source: Fast Company

The organizations supporting the aid sector from outside the spotlight

More groups have been focusing on providing vital support to frontline humanitarian aid organizations, and here are some of them.

Source: The New Humanitarian

New educational programs aim to help displaced children finish school

Young, displaced people are often forced to leave their education along with their homes. Now a group of non-profits has developed programs specifically for refugee children and young adults.

Source: BBC

Mexico: Protecting the land to save the waves

Residents of Ensenada are working together with scientists and surfers to protect their coastline. Illegal landfills and sand extraction have endangered the beach for years. Now locals are fighting back.

Source: Hakai Magazine

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