To curb ‘excesses’, Lira wants a ‘hard-line’ name on the Ethics Council

The mayor, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), wants to install the Council of Ethics and Parliamentary Decorum in the coming weeks and put a “hard-line” deputy to preside over the collegiate in order to avoid what he considers “excesses” in the House . Shortly after the inauguration of the elected deputies, the Chamber was the scene of arguments and attacks in the plenary and in the commissions carried out by supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

The scenario has pressured Lira to install the Ethics Council and punish parliamentarians. União Brasil, which has 59 deputies, should be in charge of the collegiate. The main candidate is Leur Lomanto Júnior (BA), Lira’s ally and one of the parliamentarians closest to the leader of União Brasil in the House, Elmar Nascimento (BA).

“The Ethics Council will have to exercise its role. With great balance and serenity, it is necessary to analyze the processes that are sent there and give the right of those represented to defend themselves”, said Lomanto Jr. to the Estadão. “We hope that the parliamentarians themselves have a little more balance in their speeches and have a more mature debate.”

On International Women’s Day, deputy Nikolas Ferreira (PL-MG) spoke in the plenary of the Chamber and mocked trans women. The parliamentarian was accused of transphobia and was the subject of representations in the Ethics Council and in the Federal Supreme Court (STF). Lira scolded Nikolas.


Since the beginning of the year, seven representations have been filed with the Board of Ethics of the Chamber. The collegiate, however, was not installed. The requests are on the Board of the Chamber and depend on a legal analysis to proceed. Nikolas is the target of two complaints, one filed by Deputy Fábio Teruel (MDB-SP) and another by the PSOL, PCdoB, PT, PDT and PSB parties because of the speech on March 8. Other parliamentarians, who supported the coup acts of January 8, were also the target of representations.

Another case that increases pressure on Lira is that of deputy Juliana Zanatta (PL-SC), who published a photo on social networks in which she appears with a machine gun and wearing a T-shirt with the design of a hand with four fingers, in allusion to the president. Squid.

The PT bench prepares a representation against Juliana in the Ethics Council. The deputy also decided to activate the collegiate against PT parliamentarians. PT president, deputy Gleisi Hoffmann (PR), classified the publication as “Nazi behavior”, a fact pointed out as a crime by Juliana.


The episode led to an argument in the plenary of the Chamber. Last Tuesday, deputy Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ), Gleisi’s boyfriend, argued with Juliana in the middle of the session after the parliamentarian mentioned the name of the PT president in the House.

“This is a crime that you committed, you will answer in the Federal Supreme Court, for inciting violence against the President of the Republic”, said the PT. “Your colleagues will also be judged by the Federal Supreme Court”, countered the PL parliamentarian.

At the first meeting of the Chamber’s Culture Committee, on the 15th, deputy Marco Feliciano (PL-SP) mocked the Minister of Culture, Margareth Menezes. “I want to know what she is. I know she is a woman. I don’t know if she can be called a woman or not,” he said. The fear of Lira’s allies is that this type of episode, without punishment, will multiply in the Chamber.

The information is from the newspaper The State of S. Paulo.

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