Tom Sandoval has seen him chatting to Raquel Leviss so much

Tom Sandoval was spotted on a plane talking on the phone Rachel Leviss. Didn’t he say they were no longer in touch?

Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss back?

Tom Sandoval takes a smoke break while filming the Vanderpump Rules reunion segment in Los Angeles

Now we know that a phone call doesn’t mean a real relationship will materialize, but Sandoval said he hasn’t even been in touch with Leviss. So imagine the shock to the system when he was spotted on a plane, which would likely be in Pittsburg for his band’s show on Monday.

A superfan spotted Sandoval and immediately started taking photos. They were lucky and got to choose who to chat with; His phone screen said “Raquel Leviss.” The Vanderpump Rules The star sat on the bus wearing slouchy sweatpants and a black shirt, and fans of the white nail polish claimed he ruined everyone.

Tom Sandoval’s ‘Innocent’ Conversation

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TMZ spoke to the passenger who took the picture, and they said the conversation they had was “innocent enough”. Sandoval had his phone out and didn’t try to hide it.

This could indicate nothing suspicious is happening OR they don’t care at all. Whatever the reason, Tom spoke to Raquel after claiming the duo paused their situation ship and weren’t even in touch.

The main reason for the lack of contact was that Leviss had entered a mental health support facility that her family allegedly set up before Sandoval even existed. She had no access to phones or the internet; It was a retreat style event.

Tom Sandoval tried to sneak

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The passenger also admitted that Sandoval was actively trying to whisper and speak softly. Unfortunately, the disgraced bar owner had his voice “recognizable.” The passenger knew immediately who it was and then confirmed it with a look.

This interaction begs the question: if Leviss has been locked out of phone calls and interaction with the outside world, and she’s now calling Sandoval, could that mean she’s back on those streets! When Ariana Madix sees her name on Sandoval’s phone, she backs up her theory that they’re not broken after all!

Ariana Madix never believed the split

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The injured party in this mess, Madix, makes it clear that she never believed the two had stopped talking, as Sandoval revealed after Leviss was already at her facility and unable to fight (although she probably wouldn’t). ).

Andy Cohen asked Madix if she thought Leviss and Sandoval had stopped talking, as the Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras frontman claimed. She seemed incredulous and said no outright.

She thinks they’re just being smart about it. Maybe Sandoval’s ex of 9 years was right! The conversation doesn’t seem fitting for the duo, who are the most hated cast members anyway. Most, if not all, of the cast have made it clear they will not be filming with Tom or Raquel. So maybe sticking together is the best move for the two of them?

Tom performs Jergel’s Rhythm Grille on May 29th; How scary would it be if she found out what time she’ll be on the show tonight?

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