Tom Sandoval is caught talking to Raquel on the phone

PHOTOS: Tom Sandoval is caught on the phone with Raquel Leviss amid rumors of a split and an alleged romance with Karlee Hale

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Tom Sandoval Rumor has it that he broke up with him Rachel Leviss and dating a Texas-based influencer Karlee Hale earlier this month. But according to a recently leaked photo of the Vanderpump Rules Stern on a plane, both of these claims could both be untrue.

While Sandoval not long ago insisted that Raquel was being treated for mental health issues at an unnamed facility where she would not be allowed to use her phone, he was spotted in the middle of a phone conversation with her over the weekend.

In a message sent to Bravo and cocktails With the subject “Tom flies to Pittsburgh,” one person said Sandoval was seen chatting with Raquel on a flight to Pittsburgh, which is south of where he and his band Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras are expected to be will be performing at Memorial Day.

Friend flies Southwest from Nashville to Pittsburgh. Got this photo [of] Tom on the Southwest flight on the phone with Rachel!!! Enlarge the photo!” wrote the tipster via Instagram.

And when the photo was enlarged, it was clear that the caller’s name was none other than “Raquel Leviss.”

“Sandoval is on the phone with Raquel on his way to Pittsburgh,” reads the caption of Queens of Bravo on Instagram, who also wrote, “I guess they’re still together?”

Vanderpump reigns over Tom Sandoval on the phone with Raquel Leviss

Bravo and cocktails also shared a picture to confirm that the man in the photo is in fact Sandoval.

“To the people saying the picture isn’t Sandoval, here he is in the same outfit,” they captioned a screenshot from TikTok, which shows Sandoval in the same outfit during a visit to LAX.

Vanderpump Rules: Tom Sandoval spotted in same outfit after Raquel Leviss phone call photo

Just last month, weeks after Raquel’s rep said she signed up for a long-term program to focus on her mental health, Sandoval spoke to TMZ and defended his former lover against claims she was at a spa.

“Just telling you, Raquel is in a mental institution, no visitors ok?” he explained. “She’s there, if she decides to tell you afterwards where that is, there’s Raquel, no visitors, no friends, no family, okay? No phone, nothing.”

Sandoval also added that Raquel is doing “greatly” and is getting the help she needs.

As for Raquel’s current status, it’s unclear if she’s still receiving treatment or has been released.

Part two of the three parter Vanderpump Rules The Season 10 reunion continues Wednesday, May 31 at 9/8 on Bravo.

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