Top 10 essential nutritional supplements for your pet

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The concern with healthy eating has conquered more space, becoming part of people’s daily lives. Along with it, the use of food supplements, aids for disease prevention and the improvement of quality of life has also grown.

It is not very different in the pet segment, where supplements are increasingly a resource for animals to also benefit from a healthier life. But for that it is necessary that care is adopted throughout the animal’s life.

According to Manuella Ebeling, veterinarian at VetBR, distributor of products for animal health, tutors who opted for natural food (diet formulation with healthy foods), mix feeding (mixing feed with wet food) or even feed need to be aware of the nutritional needs of pets.

“Supplementation is the tutor’s best ally in different cases, both during disease treatment and prevention. She has no contraindication, but it is important that, before resorting to supplements, the tutor consults a veterinarian so that he can check if the pet really needs supplementation and what its real nutritional needs are. This measure avoids wasting money and time and also prevents the pet from taking enough vitamins”, explains Ebeling.

Focusing on animal health, the expert presents important information on the top ten nutritional supplements for pets.

1. Omega 3

Acts as an anti-inflammatory in the pet’s body. Prevents diseases, improves blood circulation and blood oxygenation. Very suitable for puppies, as they are in the cognitive development phase, and in elderly animals, which are likely to have cognitive dysfunction (the supplement slows down the process, in this case).

It is also indicated for cardiac patients, oncology patients, with kidney dysfunctions and even for those who have some skin alteration. Because it is an anti-inflammatory, it is also indicated for patients with osteoarthritis in general. It is a supplement with numerous benefits for our pets.

two. probiotics

Conceptualized as live microbial supplements, they restore any dysbiosis (imbalance of the intestinal flora). Indicated for animals with changes in the intestinal microbiota, drops in immunity, in the vaccination period and in the phase of changing the diet.

3. Chondroitin and Glucosamine

Their function is to prevent the development of joint diseases in pets – they are ideal, therefore, for elderly animals, in training or even that have already developed arthrosis. Also ideal for some specific breeds — such as Labrador, Golden Retriever and German Shepherd, whose articulation does not always accompany the animal’s growth. Supplementation aims to reduce pain, help in the development of joints or delay the process of different diseases.

4. calcium and phosphorus

Calcium and phosphorus deficiency in animals can cause several diseases. They are mainly indicated for pregnant and lactating females, as they help to maintain the proper functioning of the female’s organism and help in the development of the puppies.

It is already possible to find these supplements in biscuit format and with a meat aroma, which makes the experience more pleasant for the pet.

5. Iron

It is difficult to detect iron deficiency in the body of animals, and it is necessary to carry out tests to confirm the diagnosis. Meanwhile, some symptoms such as fatigue, discouragement, weakness, anorexia, increased heart rate, pale mucous membranes and decreased appetite may be signs that there is something wrong with the pet. The lack of mineral can cause several diseases, such as iron deficiency anemia.

6. appetite stimulator

There are also supplements that stimulate your cat or dog’s appetite. They are usually indicated for animals that have some illness, taking antibiotics or in the elderly phase, a period in which the appetite may decrease. Usually produced in the form of a syringe, it can be applied once or twice a day.

7. Vitamin C

Suitable for dogs and cats at any stage of life. It has an antioxidant effect and is an ally to improve immunity and also against viral diseases in pets. The supplement helps make the body less susceptible to the development of harmful bacteria.

8. Vitamin B

Intended for dogs that have or have had distemper or that do not produce vitamin B on their own. It is also important to remember that, in case of vomiting and diarrhea, vitamin B is the first to be eliminated, therefore needing replacement.

9. Biotin

It stimulates the growth and strengthening of the animal’s fur and skin – ideal, therefore, for pets that have a health problem that leads to hair loss or loss of shine. It is also already sold in the form of a snack and with meat flavor, which facilitates the animal’s adherence to the supplement.

10. vitamin complex

Indicated for animals that do not have a balanced diet or that eat, for some reason, feed of inferior quality. In the case of rations that do not offer enough nutrients, the vitamin complex can be a great ally. The supplement helps to avoid diseases and increases the animal’s immunity.

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