Trafficking survivors fought modern slavery, mental health alert system, Europe’s longest cycle tunnel

Calcutta School of Justice

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we’re exploring a school for justice helping survivors of human trafficking harness the power of education to protect at-risk individuals, a texting service built to identify, monitor, and support struggling law students, and the grand Opening of Europe’s longest cycling tunnel.

Survivors of human trafficking are fighting back against modern slavery

The School for Justice helps women sold into sexual slavery become attorneys, social workers and journalists – saving others from the same fate.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Text-based mental health support for law students at risk

Early Alert lets students rate one particular aspect of their well-being each week via text, with support staff providing appropriate information and guidance.

Source: Reuters

California introduces bill to help find missing Black women and children

Senator Steven Bradford’s new legislation would ensure marginalized communities would receive the same resources and attention offered to white women.

Source: The Hill

Europe’s longest cycle tunnel opens in Norway

The Fyllingsdalstunnelen aims to cut traffic levels and reduce emissions whilst making it easier for people to choose walking and cycling over driving.

Source: Euronews

Serengeti conservationists are teaming up with wildebeests to reduce emissions

Nature-based solutions – such as the overlooked role that animals play in climate management – can scrub CO2 from the atmosphere and lower wildfire risk.

Source: positive news

Scotland opens the world’s first rewilding centre

Dundreggan Rewilding Center hopes to bring awareness of the practice to a wider audience whilst serving as a blueprint for other projects.

Source: Tree Hugger

Harvesting of marine invaders offers protection to underwater ecosystems

By setting up targeted fisheries to control marine invaders, conservationists are promoting a healthier environment whilst supporting local communities.

Source: Monga Bay

New technique could help diagnose Parkinson’s early, scientists say

US researchers say they have found method that could show pinpoint disease before symptoms, allowing earlier treatment.

Source: The Guardian

Taxing the rich could help tackle climate change head-on

With billionaires accounting for roughly a million times more CO2 than the average person, a tax on the ultra-wealthy could fund tangible climate solutions.

Source: Euronews

Pay what you can farm stands help people struggling with food insecurity

With the cost of living crisis in full swing, farms offering produce based on what people can pay are playing an increasingly important role in local communities.

Source: Civil Eats

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