Trick theft – senior citizen distracted and robbed – Stuttgart Journal

Around 12 noon on Wednesday, a man rang the doorbell of a senior citizen in Stiftsgutweg and explained to her that a water pipe had been damaged during dredging work nearby and that he now had to check the water pressure in her apartment.

The gullible woman then went into her bathroom with the alleged construction worker, with the stranger closing the door behind them. He then worked on all the connections and fittings and included the residents in his work.

The man then left the apartment. It was only later that the elderly lady noticed that accomplices of the stranger had probably entered her apartment unnoticed while she was in the bathroom. The victim discovered that all of the gold jewelry had been stolen.

She described the alleged construction worker as around 50 years old and remarkably tall. Overall, he had a well-groomed appearance and spoke High German. The man was wearing a red safety vest and leather gloves. The Schwäbisch Gmünd police station, Tel.: 07171/3580, accepts relevant information.

In this context, the police expressly warn against letting strangers into your own four walls. If strangers demand access to your apartment by pretending to be in an emergency or by making apparent inspections, leave them in front of the locked door, telephone the alleged employer or get help from the neighbors.

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