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Right at the beginning of a tuning check, which was carried out by several patrols from the Fellbach police station together with forces from the Backnang traffic police last Saturday, the officers landed a “bull’s eye”.

A Mercedes was noticed by a civil patrol due to a loud exhaust noise. During the subsequent check, the traffic experts, together with an expert, were able to determine that the intake tract in front of the air filter had also been modified.

A leaky steering gear, an insufficiently fastened exhaust pipe, significant oil losses from the engine and transmission as well as the condition of the tires and defects in the lighting system ultimately led to the vehicle being shut down due to the very poor general condition and the driver had to remove the license plates on site and start the journey home without his car.

“After just a few vehicles checked, word got around on social media about the control campaign by the Fellbach police, in which we mainly focused on tuned vehicles,” says POK Operations Manager Tobias Graf.

“The city center was “empty” for a long time and you hardly saw any conspicuous vehicles on the road.” For Jan Kempe, head of the Fellbach police station, this is not a problem. “Apparently, our targeted control measures in the tuning and posing scene are having an effect and through our action we have at least helped the population of Fellbach to have a quieter night with significantly less exhaust and engine noise.”

However, this Saturday night could not be described as “quiet” because the police patrols had recorded four additional traffic accidents within the control period, caught a driver without a valid driver’s license, punished a red light violation and stopped a car with illegal red license plates during a procession.

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