Turning oil permits into conservation projects, Scotland restricts hunting with dogs, paid leave ‘for any reason’

Rainforest, Congo

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, planned oil fields in the Republic of Congo could be transformed into conservation projects, a new Scottish law closes a loophole allowing hunting with dogs, and Illinois becomes the third US state to allow paid leave ‘for any reason’ .

Oil hubs planned to be converted to conservation projects by US firms in DRC

The area that could be converted by New York-based EQX Biome encompasses the world’s second-largest rainforest and endangered animal habitats in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Source: The Guardian

Indigenous-led conservation finance supports community, biodiversity

First Nations in the Great Bear Rainforest and Haida Gwaii of Canada, have successfully invested in conservation initiatives that have benefited ecosystems while also increasing communities’ well-being over the past 15 years, a recent report shows.

Source: Monga Bay

New law closes hunting loopholes in Scotland

The passed Hunting with Dogs Bill means that hunters can no longer use packs of dogs unless they have a special license. It also makes a prior law from 2002 easier to understand and enforce.

Source: BBC

Starting in 2024, employees can get paid leave for any reason in Illinois

Illinois is now the third US state to make employers offer paid leave without workers having to explain their absence. Advocates hope the law will support low-income and single mother workers.

Source: WBEZ

How electric vehicles and ferries could be charged wirelessly

Until now, inductive charging only worked for small devices like electric toothbrushes and some mobile phones. Swedish scientists have now found a way to charge city ferries and buses without human or robot hands.

Source: Euronews

Program hope to make public transport safer

From Indonesia’s Pink Bus just for women to Germany’s pilot CCTV programme, initiatives aim to make commuting safer from harassment.

Source: BBC

How France became an insect-farming hub

Compared to livestock, insects have high food-conversion ratio and can be used for oil, protein and fertiliser.

Source: Nature

Office foster cat program launched by Saskatoon SPCA

The Canadian kitty program is helping alleviate pressure on animal shelters while also improving office culture.

Source: CBC

Braille featured on Manitoba-based hip-hop artist’s clothing line

“Not only does it serve a functional purpose, but by having it on mainstream clothing items, it opens up conversations on its importance for people who read braille,” Braille Literacy Canada said.

Source: CBC

Easy access Street Libraries inspire love of books in Australia

It all started with an initial workshop building 30 libraries in 2015. Now there are 4,500 registered Street Libraries in Australia making it easier for children and others to access books in their neighborhood.

Source: ABC

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