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In response to The controversy she sparked by wearing a t-shirt With The Nazi swastika symbol on it, TWICE’s Chaeyoung Has issued an apology. In a formal apology, The 23-year-old K-pop girl took to Instagram to apologize for wearing The clothing With The problematic images. I’m Chaeyoung from TWICE. Please accept my sincere apologies for The Instagram Post. I failed to recognize The tilted swastika on The t-shirt I wore, she wrote it In English. Please accept my sincere apologies for Not thoroughly reviewing it.

As a result, I will pay close attention to prevent similar situations from happening In The future. My sincere apologies once again, she said. A Photo of Chaeyoung wearing a tee With Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious sporting a swastika – a symbol associated With Adolf Hitler and The German Nazi party – had been shared on her Instagram account. She quickly deleted The Post after many took offense and criticized her clothing choice. As a result of The controversy, many others took to Twitter to call The Nazi symbol of hatred The ‘Hakenkreuz’ and Not The Hindu symbol ‘Swastika’.


im tired of kpop fans because why am i seeing people trying to cover up The fact that chaeyoung posted a Photo of herself wearing a shirt With a swastika on it TODAY

— cam!! (@iQuackbur)”>March 21, 2023

TWICE’s Chaeyoung Apologizes On Her Instagram Account After Wearing Swastika T-shirt

On Tuesday, Twice’s Chaeyoung apologized for posting a Photo of herself wearing a swastika t-shirt. Just days earlier, she appeared on The South Korean music television program “Show!” wearing a QAnon shirt. The Photo, Which Has since been deleted, featured Chaeyoung sporting a shirt With The Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious wearing a swastika – a symbol associated With Adolf Hitler and The German Nazi party. Chaeyoung, who is one of nine members of The girl group, had also worn The QAnon slogan “Where we go one, we go all” during The performance. A far-right political movement born In 2017 known for spreading graphic conspiracy theories In support of former President Donald Trump Is referenced In The slogan and logo. Twice’s Chaeyoung fans Have pointed out that she probably didn’t understand what The problematic emblems represented, and that her stylists ignored their history when she wore them. As The group Has become increasingly popular In English markets, this blip could Not be More inappropriate. Twice’s 12th mini-album “Ready to Be” debuted as The No. 2 single on Billboard 200, just behind Morgan Wallen’s chart-topper One Thing at a Time and Miley Cyrus Endless Summer Vacation.


tw nazi symbol/swastika..

Not only did chaeyoung wear this shirt once, she OWNS it and Has worn it More than once. and this shirt Is extremely hard to get… it’s Not something you get for $5 In a gift shop or something. this Is flabbergasting and disgusting

— ⚢ (@lesbolvr)”>March 21, 2023

They released their second English-language single, “Moonlight Sunrise,” at No. 84 on The Hot 100. As The Anti-Defamation League states on its website, The Nazi regime’s murderous legacy, especially The Holocaust, transformed The swastika into a symbol of hate and anti-Semitism. In most of The world outside of Asia, The swastika Has been The most significant and notorious symbol of anti-Semitism and white supremacy since 1945. The majority of Chaeyoung’s 8.6 million followers responded With comments to The apology, including, I forgive you and I believe you. Previously, The Korean boyband EPEX was reported to Have referenced The Kristallnacht pogrom In their song ‘Anthem Of Teen Spirit’. A statement from The agency later apologized for Not checking The metaphor More carefully and In detail. Sowon, a former member of GFRIEND, sparked controversy In 2021 after she was photographed holding a doll wearing a Nazi uniform. Source Music, Sowon’s then-label, said she had since taken down The Post after understanding The Image’s significance.

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i will be hiding antisemitism and ignorant people. don’t even try it

— ⚢ (@lesbolvr)”>March 21, 2023

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everyone who’s saying “it’s a buddhist symbol!!” keeps reminding me when pewdiepie wore a shirt With like basically The iron cross on it and clarified that it was The georgian cross 🗿

— kari 🙂 (@bmblbat)”>March 21, 2023

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even if it was a tshirt that was easy to get if you know about The holocaust you know how disturbing The story behind The swatstika Is. she should be held accountable for this

— leti! ♡̶ (@laeminiscence)”>March 21, 2023

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I honestly think she didn’t know bc if she supported that and knew she wouldn’t wear it for ppl to see bc that could cost her career

— mads ♡ (@0nlyAnbv1i)”>March 22, 2023

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In Japanese The symbol Is called “卍” (Hepburn: manji) or “卍字” (manji)

The west needs to stop thinking that The world revolves around them.

— Kroor Singh (@kroor__singh)”>March 22, 2023

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