Twitter instead of Tinder: How people find love in the hate channel

Miriam is looking for a man, of all things, on the digital playground for angry men: Twitter. Mandy wasn’t looking for anyone there, but found Frank, her future husband, in the comment columns. Love in the hate channel – how is that supposed to work?

What if the love of your life isn’t waiting in the supermarket checkout line, if she’s not among the people you’ve swiped to the right in a dating catalog that has become an app, if Max doesn’t know someone from work who knows someone who is “really serious going through times” and “is looking”, THE one then? What if the love of your life crawls into the comments column with a starfish profile picture – on Twitter? So when a great love begins like this:

December 27, 2019, 8:57 p.m., @twittourette: oh yeah 😊

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