Twitter/X Has A LOT To Say About Episode 3 (And Only One Major Complaint)

The “Star Wars” fan quoted above isn’t the only viewer who’s taken issue with “Ahsoka” Episode 3’s surprisingly succinct runtime. The new chapter is, notably, around 20 minutes shorter than the “Ahsoka” premiere, which runs 57 minutes long, and nearly 10 minutes shorter than the series’ second installment, which clocks in at 44 minutes long. On Twitter, @KeithALund specifically pointed out that difference, writing, “Episode 3 of #Ahsoka was good. I wish it was longer. [We] got spoiled with two longer episodes to start the series.” Elsewhere, another “Star Wars” fan confessed, “‘Ahsoka’ Episode 3 was really good but I’m tired of these 35-minute episodes with 5 minutes of credits…”

Altogether, it seems like “Ahsoka” Episode 3 has done what all great TV installments should, which is leave its audience wanting more. Based on several early responses to the episode, it looks like it has also further increased fans’ interest in some of their own theories. That’s clear in all of the online reactions that focus specifically on the character of Marrok and his still-hidden identity. 

The former Inquisitor’s name is mentioned in multiple tweets about “Ahsoka” Episode 3, including one from @RealCyberkitten, who argues that his seemingly apparent use of a voice changer may mean he really is secretly a character that fans already know. Whether or not that assumption is correct remains to be seen. There are, of course, still a lot of questions surrounding Marrok and a number of the show’s other characters and plot threads.

One thing that seems clear, however, is that “Ahsoka” has already succeeded at making “Star Wars” fans interested in finding out the truth behind its various mysteries, which is something that’s far easier said than done.

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