Two Democrats expelled from Tennessee legislature

Six people die in a shooting spree in Nashville – including three children. A protest for stricter gun laws subsequently led to an unprecedented exclusion of two people’s representatives.

The Republican-led Tennessee House of Representatives has expelled two Democrats. Another MP, who should also be excluded, barely survived the vote on Thursday (local time). The three people’s representatives took part in a demonstration in parliament last week for stricter gun laws.

According to The Tennessean newspaper, their behavior brought disorder and dishonor to the House of Representatives, according to resolutions introduced by Republicans calling for their expulsion. After the exclusion, citizens protested loudly in the parliament building.

Biden: “shocking, undemocratic, unprecedented”

Republican House Speaker Cameron Sexton compared the three MPs to the attackers who stormed the Capitol in Washington on January 6, according to a New York Times report. The two expelled MPs were both black, the third MP who was not expelled was white.

US President Joe Biden described the process on Twitter on Thursday as shocking, undemocratic and unprecedented. White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said the expelled lawmakers showed solidarity with children and families who were peacefully demonstrating for tougher gun laws. In Tennessee and throughout USA Children paid the price for Republican lawmakers resisting the passing of such laws, Jean-Pierre said.

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The protests, in which the lawmakers attended, came after three children and three adults were killed by an attacker at a Nashville elementary school in late March. According to police reports, the suspected shooter was shot dead by police officers after the attack. It was a 28-year-old woman who used to go to school herself, it said. She was armed with at least two assault rifles and one handgun.

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