Tyga spends 80K dollars on diamond and sapphire necklace for girlfriend Avril Lavigne »

April Lavigne Is receiving all of The benefits that stereotypically come With dating a rapper after Tyga gifted her an extremely expensive necklace.

The diamond and sapphire necklace that The ex-boyfriend of Kylie Jenner purchased for His girlfriend Is worth 80,000 dollars and Has captured The imagination of their fans.

The purchase Has also helped to confirm that The relationship exists given only recently Vine broke off her engagement With singer and producer Mod Sun. Reports suggest she was unfaithful With Tyga.

Designer confirms The value

The princess of The skate punk genre received as a gift this beautiful jewelery made With black and white diamonds, garnished With pink sapphires and personalized With her name.

The jewel was specially crafted for The French-Canadian as a commission to Eric Mavania famous and renowned jewelery designer by special order from New York.

Tyga gifted April The personalized diamond chain on Thursday, and The piece Is worth 80K dollars,” The designer told .

The jewelery Is 50 carats and Has several charms, The largest With The name “April,” two skulls With a pink ribbon each and two appliques With The letter “A” over a pink heart.

The French-Canadian artist did Not hesitate to show off her new acquisition, as she was captured wearing it while leaving a restaurant In Los Angeles and she showed it off and proudly shared it on her Instagram.

The couple went public With their relationship a few weeks ago during their stay In Paris ahead of fashion week, strolling The streets and kissing In public.

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