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Tyrique Hyde Love Island 

Tyrique Hyde is a participant on Love Island during the summer of 2023. As a 24-year-old semi-professional footballer, he plays as a central midfielder for Lewes FC, having previously been associated with Dartford FC until 2022.

Tyrique’s inclusion in the starting line-up for Love Island season 10 was announced on May 29th, 2023. He joined the villa alongside other contestants, such as content creator Molly Marsh, beautician Ruchee Gurung, and business development executive George Fensom.

During his time on the show, Tyrique became coupled up with Ella Thomas, though there was a momentary lapse in memory as he initially forgot they had met before. Despite this small hiccup, their relationship appeared to be going well, and they even shared their first kiss outside of a challenge.

As a person, Tyrique exudes confidence, charisma, and positive energy. He is known for speaking his mind and being honest, never afraid to express his opinions. He has a unique aspect to his life that he is proud of—Tyrique is deaf in his right ear. To symbolize strength and power in his good ear, he has a tattoo placed beside his left ear.

Beyond his presence on Love Island, Tyrique shares a fascinating connection with a contestant from the show’s seventh season, Toby Aromolaran. Tyrique and Toby have been best friends since they were children, having grown up together and attended the same school.

It’s uncertain whether Toby has passed on any Love Island wisdom to his close friend, but their bond adds an intriguing aspect to Tyrique’s journey on the show.Moreover, Tyrique’s family background boasts a noteworthy sporting legacy.

His father, Micah Hyde, is a former Premier League football player with an impressive career at Watford FC. Micah made over 250 league appearances for Watford between 1997 and 2004. Additionally, Micah represented Jamaica on the international stage, earning 17 appearances for the country between 2001 and 2004.

On social media, Tyrique maintains an active presence on Instagram. With a current following of 13.4k, his popularity is set to soar as Love Island viewers follow his journey. His Instagram showcases a mix of highlights from his football career, glimpses of his personal life, and various outings, including visits to London restaurants and socializing with friends.

As Tyrique Hyde continues his captivating journey on Love Island, fans are eager to see how his relationship with Ella and friendships with other contestants unfold, and how his vibrant personality and football pedigree shape his experience in the villa.

Who is Tyrique Hyde ? 

Tyrique Hyde is a 24-year-old semi-professional footballer who gained public attention as a contestant on Love Island during the summer of 2023. He plays as a central midfielder for Lewes FC and previously had a stint with Dartford FC until 2022.

Born with charisma and confidence, Tyrique brings positive energy and honesty to the Love Island villa, where he joined other participants in season 10, including Molly Marsh, Ruchee Gurung, and George Fensom.

Throughout his time on the show, Tyrique formed a coupling with fellow contestant Ella Thomas, although there was a brief moment when he initially forgot about their prior encounter. Despite the small hiccup, their relationship appeared to flourish, and they even shared their first kiss outside a challenge.

Beyond his participation in Love Island, Tyrique possesses an intriguing personal aspect—he is deaf in his right ear. To symbolize strength and power in his good ear, he sports a tattoo near his left ear. This unique characteristic showcases his resilience and determination, adding depth to his personality.

Notably, Tyrique has a close bond with another Love Island contestant, Toby Aromolaran, who appeared in season 7. They have been best friends since childhood, having grown up together and attended the same school. Tyrique’s connection to Toby adds an interesting dimension to his journey on the show, sparking curiosity about any advice or insights Toby may have shared.

The footballer’s talents run in the family, as he is the son of Micah Hyde, a well-known ex-Premier League football player. Micah made significant contributions to Watford FC, with over 250 league appearances between 1997 and 2004.

He also played in the Premier League during the 1999-2000 season for Watford before continuing his career with Burnley and Peterborough United. On the international stage, Micah represented Jamaica, earning 17 appearances for the national team between 2001 and 2004.

Tyrique’s presence extends to social media, where he maintains an active Instagram account with a substantial following of 13.4k. His profile offers a glimpse into his football journey, personal life, and outings with friends and family.

Tyrique Hyde is a captivating individual whose involvement in Love Island, along with his football pedigree and personal charm, has endeared him to audiences and sparked interest in his journey and relationships within the villa.


Tyrique Hyde


24 years old


Professional Footballer

Current Team

Lewes FC

Previous Team

Dartford FC

Father’s Name

Micah Hyde

Father’s Profession

Former Premier League Football Player



Tyrique Hyde Age

Tyrique Hyde is a 24-year-old semi-professional footballer who rose to prominence as a contestant on Love Island in the summer of 2023. He made a mark on the show as a confident and charismatic individual, showcasing his positive energy and honesty throughout his time in the villa.

Tyrique’s footballing background is impressive, playing as a central midfielder for Lewes FC after his association with Dartford FC until 2022. His presence on Love Island’s season 10, alongside other contestants such as Molly Marsh, Ruchee Gurung, and George Fensom, brought excitement and anticipation for viewers eager to witness the drama and romance unfold.

Despite facing a minor memory lapse during his stint on the show, where he initially forgot about meeting fellow contestant Ella Thomas before, Tyrique’s relationship with Ella seemed to blossom, and they even shared their first kiss outside of a challenge.

With his vibrant personality and football prowess, Tyrique captured the attention and hearts of Love Island viewers, making him one of the standout participants of the season.Born with a significant personal aspect, Tyrique revealed that he is deaf in his right ear. However, he doesn’t let this setback define him and instead embraces it as a testament to his strength and determination.

His tattoo next to his left ear symbolizing strength and power highlights his resilience and adds depth to his character. Tyrique’s openness and vulnerability on Love Island endeared him to the audience, showcasing his ability to overcome challenges and form meaningful connections with others on the show.

At the age of 24, Tyrique Hyde’s presence on Love Island brought excitement and intrigue to viewers worldwide. As a talented footballer and charismatic individual, he left a lasting impression on the show, and his journey in the villa became a source of fascination for fans.

With his captivating personality and background, Tyrique’s future both in the world of football and entertainment holds much promise, and fans will continue to follow his endeavors beyond his eventful summer on Love Island.

About Love Island 

Love Island is a popular reality dating show that originated in the United Kingdom and has since been adapted and broadcast in various countries worldwide. The show is known for its addictive and entertaining format, capturing the attention of millions of viewers globally. It first premiered on ITV2 in the UK in 2015 and quickly became a cultural phenomenon.

The premise of Love Island revolves around a group of attractive and young singles, often referred to as “Islanders,” who are brought together in a luxurious villa in a tropical location. Their ultimate goal is to find love and form romantic connections with one another while facing various challenges and tasks designed to test their relationships.

Throughout the series, new contestants, both male and female, join the villa, often leading to dramatic moments as Islanders must couple up or recouple based on their romantic preferences. The show encourages the participants to build relationships, but it also introduces twists and surprises that can lead to unexpected turns of events.

Love Island is not just about romantic relationships; it also emphasizes friendship and camaraderie among the contestants. Viewers witness the ups and downs of each islander’s journey as they navigate the complexities of love, emotions, and personal growth.

The show’s host, often a well-known TV personality, guides the Islanders through their experiences in the villa, provides updates on challenges and recouplings, and occasionally introduces surprises that keep the islanders on their toes.

With its blend of drama, romance, and comedic moments, Love Island has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide and has inspired numerous spin-offs and adaptations in various countries. It continues to be a highly popular and influential reality TV show, sparking conversations and discussions among fans and viewers everywhere.

Tyrique Hyde Career

Tyrique Hyde has pursued a promising career as a professional footballer, showcasing his skills and talent on the field. As a central midfielder, he has been associated with Lewes FC, a football club where he has made a significant impact with his performances.

Prior to his time at Lewes FC, Tyrique was linked to Dartford FC, where he honed his footballing abilities and gained valuable experience. His dedication and hard work have propelled him forward, earning him recognition in the footballing world.

Tyrique’s journey in the football industry has been influenced by his father, Micah Hyde, a former Premier League football player. Micah’s successful career at Watford FC and other clubs has undoubtedly inspired and influenced Tyrique’s passion for the sport.

With his talent and dedication, Tyrique Hyde continues to carve a path for himself in the footballing arena, leaving fans and enthusiasts excited for what the future holds for this promising young player.

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