U.S. 3 Killed in Racially-Motivated Shooting at Dollar General Store






The heart-wrenching incident happened in Jacksonville, Florida. A white man wearing a mask and firing a weapon emblazoned with a swastika gunned down three Black people Saturday in a racist attack. The shooter had also posted racist writings and then killed himself. The shooting happened Saturday afternoon at a Dollar General store in New Town, a predominantly Black neighborhood. The store is near Edward Waters University, a historically Black school with about 1,000 students. The school said the man was spotted on campus by a security guard shortly before the shooting and asked to leave when he refused to identify himself. He was seen putting on his bullet-resistant vest and mask before he drove away. Let’s continue to read the article.The shooter Ryan Palmeter, 21, lived in neighboring Clay County with his parents. He had been involved in a 2016 domestic violence incident that did not lead to an arrest and was involuntarily committed for a 72-hour mental health examination the following year. Palmetre used two guns – a Glock handgun and an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle that was purchased legally earlier this year. The victims were Angela Michelle Carr, 52, who was shot in her car outside another store employee A.J. Laguerre, 19, who was shot as he tried to flee, and customer Jerrald Gallion, 29, who was shot as he entered the store. No one else was injured. Swipe to continue reading and stay with the article.Jacksonville Shooting UpdateAccording to the news we gathered from another source. The rifle allegedly possessed by the shooter is branded as a Palmetto PA-15, one of several Ar-15 replicas that have expanded the market for such long guns since the expiration that has expanded the market for such long runs since the expiration of the Armalite patents. Both guns are marked with swastikas. The inventor family of AR-15’s late inventor, Eugene Stoner, said the weapon used was strictly intended only for battlefield use. Continue with the article to get more information related to this case.The attack coincided with the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington, the iconic civil rights demonstration that called on the government to better protect the rights of Black people. Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday called on Congress to ban assault weapons and pass common-sense gun safety legislation. Too many Black Americans live every day with the fear that they will be victims of hate-fueled gun violence at school, at work, at their place of worship, and at the grocery store. Be with our article for the latest news which help to grow your knowledge.

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