Ukraine live blog: London: Russia wants to introduce school classes on weapons and drones

According to a newspaper report, several members of the European Parliament around the German MP Udo Bullmann (SPD) are calling for better protection for Russian conscientious objectors from the EU leadership. In a cross-party open letter, which is available to the editorial network Germany, the deputies demand more commitment to the protection of soldiers who refuse the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.
In the letter, which is addressed to EU Council President Charles Michel, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, the signatories emphasize that “it is the The duty of the European Union and its member states is to protect Russian conscientious objectors and grant them asylum“. More than 600 Russians who refused to take part in the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine are being held in 13 illegal detention camps in the occupied Ukrainian regions of Luhansk and Donetsk.
The editorial network Germany wrote that in Germany by the end of April this year, according to the Federal Ministry of the Interior 2,485 military-age male Russian nationals applied for asylum. 814 cases have been decided, 55 positive and 88 negative. In the remaining 671 cases, the asylum applications were either withdrawn or treated according to the Dublin procedure.

The Offenbach-based association for conscientious objectors Connection, which supports conscientious objectors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, told the editorial network the conscientious objectors showed there was resistance to the war. “That has to be supported,” emphasized Connection Managing Director Rudi Friedrich.

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