Ukraine war: Russian fighter jet presses EU plane – dangerous situation

Dangerous Incident

War in Ukraine: Precarious situation with a fighter jet in Romania

Waiting for the counter-offensive in Kherson

Waiting for the counter-offensive in Kherson

In the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, people are waiting for the announced counter-offensive by the Ukrainian armed forces.

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A Russian jet intercepted a Frontex plane over the Black Sea with “aggressive manoeuvres”.

Over the Black Sea has become a Russian fighter jet approached a Polish plane dangerously, according to information from Warsaw. The Polish machine of the type Let L-410 was on a patrol flight for the EU border protection agency Frontex on Friday when it was intercepted by a Russian Sukhoi Su-35, the Polish border guard said on Sunday. The incident occurred in international airspace within the operational area designated by Romania.

The Russian fighter plane has “aggressive and dangerous maneuvers” carried out. It had flown three times towards the border protection aircraft and had only approached about five meters. The crew of the Polish machine temporarily lost control of the turboprop aircraft due to the turbulence that had been triggered, which had dropped in altitude, it said. Only due to their excellent skills, the pilots could have landed safely. Five people were on board – the two pilots and three border guards. Also read: Indiscreet plans? Reveal Zelenskyy’s secret visit plan

EU member Romania is heavily critical

Over the Black Sea, there are repeated convergences between EU and NATO aircraft and Russian jets. In the past, difficult situations have arisen several times. “This incident is further evidence of the Russian Federation’s provocative actions in the Black Sea,” Bucharest said. The European border protection agency Frontex did not initially respond to a request from the AFP news agency. More on the subject: Russia orders partial evacuation around Zaporizhia

The Polish aircraft has been stationed in Romania since April 19 and is scheduled to remain there until May 17. It is part of a Frontex operation organized by Romania, in which Spain and Sweden are also involved. (fmg/afp/dpa)

Ukraine Crisis – The most important news about the war

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