UN averts oil catastrophe, Brazil’s golden monkeys rebound, gaming company fighting racism

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we take a look at the UN’s success at avoiding an oil spill from an ailing tanker in Yemen, golden monkeys bouncing back from near extinction in Brazil, and a Black-owned gaming company fighting racism through mentorship.

Yemen: UN removes 1m barrels of oil from ageing tanker

The oil was transferred to a replacement tanker after difficult negotiations to avoid a possible spill four times bigger than the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster off Alaska.

Source: The Guardian

Brazil’s population of golden monkeys rebounds after challenges

More golden lion tamarins live in the Brazilian rainforest now than since the population hit a low point of 200 in the 1970s. It has now reached 4.800, having recovered from a recent yellow fever outbreak and benefited from an expanded habitat area.

Source: Associated Press

New bionic hand allows precise movement of fingers

Scientists and engineers have developed a bionic hand that is able to read electrical signals from an amputated arm in a way that the user can move the fingers with impressive accuracy.

Source: Euronews

Trailblazing Black-led gaming company fights racism

Faced with intense racism as he tried to enter the video game industry, Leroy Jones decided to found his own company 3D Dojo Studios. He recruited other Black developers online and set up a mentorship network for developers from underrepresented backgrounds.

Source: Good Good Good

Indonesian firm makes bricks out of single-use plastic waste

Ovy Sabrian founded Rebricks after she saw an opportunity to reuse the high amounts of plastic waste produced in Jakarta as building material for the current construction boom.

Source: Context

How a mobile-home park community avoided corporate takeover

A mobile-home park community in Colorado successfully collaborated with a local non-profit land trust to form a cooperative and avoid having the park sold to a company known to raise rents to unaffordable levels.

Source: High Country News

Sustainable forestry practices support tribal economy

The Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin’s logging practices of cutting down old or sick trees rather than the healthiest ones are unusual. But they sustain both the forest’s ecosystem and the tribal economy.

Source: Yes Magazine

The Mexican school bringing migrant kids into the classroom

70% of the student population at a public elementary school in the south of Mexico are migrant and asylum-seeker children who would normally be left without education due to poor enforcement of the law.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

Filipino mental health professionals fight climate anxiety on the frontlines

In the Philippines, a highly climate-vulnerable nation, mental health professionals have offered free services to activists and are championing decolonial and community-based interventions to tackle rising climate anxiety.

Source: Atmos

The cat cafe animating war-scarred Gaza

A cat cafe in the Gaza Strip is bringing some “pawsitivity” into the daily lives of Palestinians who reside in the long-blockaded territory.

Source: France 24

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