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Plastic surgeon comments on the diagnosis of the ex-BBB father of little Lua

Last weekend, the former BBB Eliezer used his social networks to say that he has Gynecomastia. The condition causes male breasts to enlarge, possibly due to hormonal imbalance. Little Lua’s father also commented that it is something that bothers him a lot. Former President of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Luiz Haroldo Pereira states that the case is reversible and the procedure is very simple.

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“Gynecomastia surgery recovers lost self-esteem. It is an aesthetic procedure that brings excellent results and is a lasting solution for this condition, as it corrects and removes the glands or excess fat from the mammary region, providing a more defined appearance“, commented the plastic surgeon, about Eliezer’s case.

By the way, it is important to emphasize that gynecomastia, like Eliezer’s case, is a condition that must be evaluated and treated by a specialized medical professional. Follow-up by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon is essential to ensure safety and the best results during the procedure.

their vanity

Recently, vanity was still a taboo in the male universe. However, according to the doctor, the number of men looking for aesthetic procedures has increased considerably.“Men have always taken care of themselves, going to the gym and practicing physical exercises. But for some time now, they have seen the possibility of improving their bodies with plastic surgery. In my office, 20% of the patients are men, this shows how the quest for male vanity is increasing more and more, finally stated”.

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