Upcycling after the world wars: who still has things from back then?


Patched instead of disposed of: who still has things from back then?

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Updated: 07/21/2023 03:30

This plate is only held by clamps - but it holds.

This plate is only held by clamps – but it holds.

Photo: Museum in the Marstall / HA

Darned socks or clothes made from parachute silk: the Museum im Marstall is looking for old objects for a new permanent exhibition.

whine. Somehow it is to ours Everyday become: Throwing things away rather than patching, repairing or repurposing them. That in turn was part of the everyday life of our parents and grandparents. Whether it was straight nails or the use of leftover rope from which ropes were twisted. In the past, most people couldn’t afford to just throw things away and buy new.

The Museum in the Royal Stables would like to remember the time of repairing and continuing to use earlier times and searches for the new one permanent exhibition Items from the 1900’s (after WWI and WWII) symbolizing this.

Upcycling out of necessity: memories of the time after the world wars

This can be the often darned sock as well as a steel helmet used as a sieve, the dress made of parachute silk as well as household items that were last used in the garden.

Who still knows craftsmen who were happy to go to have repairs carried out? Were there traveling craftsmen who repaired clay pots or sharpened knives?

Photos of the use of these repaired or repurposed items would be particularly helpful. If you own one, you can bring it to the Museum im Marstall on Sunday, July 30, from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. or bring photos with you. Admission is free.

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