Uruguayan president criticizes Lula for calling accusations of violations in Venezuela a “narrative”

Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou directly criticized President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s speech — who called accusations of anti-democratic actions and human rights problems in Venezuela “narrative” — in his speech at the first part of the summit of the presidents of South America, this Tuesday.

“I was surprised when it was said that what happened in Venezuela is a narrative. Everyone already knows what we think about Venezuela and about the government of Venezuela. If there are so many groups in the world that are trying to mediate for democracy to be in Venezuela, that human rights are respected, that there are no political prisoners, the worst thing we can do is block the sun with our finger. We name it and we help,” said Lacalle Pou at the meeting table with Lula and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro himself.

On Monday, during a press conference alongside Maduro, whom he received for a bilateral meeting, Lula stated that a “narrative of anti-democracy and authoritarianism” had been constructed against Venezuela.

“If I want to win a battle, I need to build a narrative to destroy my potential enemy. You know the narrative that was built against Venezuela, of anti-democracy and authoritarianism,” he said. “It’s in your hands, mate, to build your narrative and turn this game around so that we can win definitively and Venezuela becomes a sovereign country again, where only its people, through free voting, say who will govern that country.”

At the presidents’ meeting, Lacalle Pou recalled that Uruguay had an ambassador in Caracas again, after a period in which it had no diplomatic representation, and that it did so out of “affinity with the people of Venezuela.”

“It is not up to us to elect the government, but yes, we have the opportunity to express an opinion. And I will say why I have the opportunity to express an opinion: because point two of the declaration that is being negotiated speaks of democracy, human rights and the protection of institutions. If it didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have a reason to give an opinion on this topic. But we are going to subscribe, or we intend to reach an agreement to subscribe”, said the Uruguayan.

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