US cancer death rate falls 33%, Saudi Arabia’s first international women’s football tournament

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, US cancer deaths are down over 30% since 1991, Saudi women’s football league hosts its first international tournament and a new blood test can replace brain imaging to detect Alzheimer’s.

US cancer deaths have been declining since 1991

Better treatment, more accurate detection and public awareness are just some of the factors that have steadily reduced cancer-related deaths in the US since 1991.

Source: CNN

Saudi Arabia’s women’s league gets its first international tournament

Saudi Arabia’s women’s football league, launched last year, has hosted its first international tournament, together with Comoros, Pakistan and Mauritius.

Source: Arabian Business

New blood test could replace brain imaging to detect Alzheimer’s

Brain imaging and cell analysis, both costly and invasive, may be substituted for a more simple blood test when checking for Alzheimer’s disease.

Source: Engadget

Cincinnati city government outbids outsiders to keep rent affordable

Cincinnati’s port authority bought nearly 200 homes, with the intent to repair and renovate them. Afterwards, these houses will be rented to low-income families.

Source: Next City

Washington state children get hands-on climate change classes

The first US state to fund climate change education in public schools has food justice classes and mock G7 summits on the curriculum.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Riga uses a digital twin of itself in Minecraft to teach urban planning

The Latvian capital of Riga has introduced a Minecraft-based curriculum, involving scale models of the city to help high schoolers learn urban planning and development.

Source: trend watching

Member-owned beef cooperative helps ranchers learn regenerative practices

In contrast to large, meatpacking corporations, Country Natural Beef, a member-owned company, plans to promote a transition to more regenerative practices.

Source: Civileats

A Palestinian village uses cooperative practices to be self-sufficient

Farkha, in the West Bank, is a model of community engagement, with all residents working together to build, repair and maintain the village. Food and labor are shared, as a mark of social solidarity.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

A tribal ritual that helped plant 400,000 trees while fighting for women’s rights

In Piplantri, India, a local ritual now involves giving girls funds raised from tree planting to start their education.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Mumbai’s flamingo population is flourishing

Flamingos are thriving in Mumbai, India, despite development pressure, as the local community is increasingly protective of the birds and their habitat.

Source: Hakai Magazine

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