US presidential election 2024: Biden plans to run again

US President Joe Biden has confirmed that he will run again in the 2024 election. He said that on the sidelines of an Easter event in the garden of the White House.

Joe and Jill Biden

Joe and Jill Biden on Easter Sunday in Washington Photo: Alex Brandon/dpa

WASHINGTON dpa | US President Joe Biden has confirmed his general intention to run again in the next election in 2024. On the sidelines of an Easter event in the White House garden, Biden said in an interview with NBC on Monday that he plans to run again but is not yet ready to officially announce it.

The Democrat repeated his language rules of the past few months. The 80-year-old has said several times that he intends to run for re-election in the November 2024 presidential election. An official announcement is still pending. When that could come is unclear.

Biden made the comments Monday on the sidelines of the traditional Easter egg roll in the White House backyard, to which hundreds of children are invited each year. The President and his wife Jill were there chatting about their Easter weekend.

The reporter asked Biden how many more of those Easter White House events he wanted to do. “I’m planning at least three or four more Easter egg rolls,” Biden said. “Maybe five. Maybe six, what the hell. I don’t know,” Biden said, smiling. The reporter digged deeper and joked that he wanted to produce some news with a clear message about the 2024 election. “No, no, no,” Biden replied. He plans to run again in 2024. “But we’re not ready to announce it yet.”

Given his age, however, even within Biden’s own party there are reservations as to whether he would be the best candidate. Biden would be 81 in the 2024 election, 82 at the start of a second term, and 86 at the end.

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