US to expand tribal bison herds, fare-free buses double ridership, co-working space for Black moms

bison herd on grassland

In this edition of Squirrel News, the US utilizes Native American stewardship to conserve bison, Boston’s fare-free program doubles ridership in its first year, and Black “mompreneurs” grow their businesses.

US government to expand bison herds on tribal territories

US Interior Secretary Deb Haaland announced $25 million in federal spending for bison conservation with a special focus on building herds, forging tribal management agreements and the use of indigenous knowledge.

Source: The Associated Press

Boston’s fare-free bus program doubles ridership in first year

Serving many low-income people and people of color, the fare-free pilot is set to go through February 2024. “The data saying going to a fare-free system makes good economic sense,” Stacy Thompson, executive director of transit advocacy group Livable Streets, said.

Source: WGBH

Boston-area pilot is a model for other guaranteed income programs

The success of Cambridge RISE’s pilot program reflects the increasing trials and growing popularity of guaranteed income programs across the US.

Source: WGBH

Black mom entrepreneurs prioritized by East Baltimore coworking space

Providing resources such as childcare, The Cube helps “mompreneurs” start and grow their businesses.

Source: Next City

Largest hydrogen-powered plane successfully flies in Washington

After its aircraft’s first flight at Moses Lake, company Universal Hydrogen hopes to deliver converted twin-engine turboprops to regional airlines by late 2025.

Source: KUOW

Green hydrogen projects kick off in Latin America

From Chile to Uruguay, Latin America is anticipating future needs by investing in clean energy projects.

Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Insulating buildings with hemp and wool

Faced with a lack of safe and sustainable building materials, companies such as Hempitecture and Havelock Wool are manufacturing insulating products made of hemp and wool to serve the growing demand.

Source: KUNC

Colorado program helps cannabis growers be more energy efficient

The Cannabis Resource Optimization Program supports marijuana cultivators, by helping them upgrade light bulbs to supporting them recycling products. The aim is to reduce the environmental impact of production, as one marijuana cigarette is estimated to have the same impact as 18 pints of beer.

Source: KUNC

Secondhand clothes become UK fashion’s main attraction

Gen Z, influencers and celebrity stylists are changing the way people buy clothes in the UK.

Source: The Guardian

Program supports next generation of teachers through multilingual education

A new Arizona State University degree program is helping students and teachers tackle barriers to education, including language barriers and lack of diversity.

Source: Arizona Luminaria

Dwindling Green Book sites in Colorado to be preserved through NPS grant

From the 1930s to the 1960s, the Green Book helped Black people travel the US safely, listing hotels, stores and other places. Through a National Park Service grant, History Colorado is working to protect these remaining sites.

Source: KUNC

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