US to plant 1 billion trees, cheetah reintroduction brings back vultures, bank accounts for homeless people

Sequoia National Forest

Today in Squirrel News, the US government is planning to plant more than one billion trees to counter the impact of climate change; the reintroduction of cheetahs in Malawi has also brought back four species of endangered vulture; and In the UK, a number of banks have started offering bank accounts to homeless people.

US to plant 1 billion trees

The US government is planning to plant more than one billion trees across dead woodlands to counter the increasing toll on the nation’s forests from wildfires, insect overpopulation and other manifestations of climate change.

AP News

Burying power lines to fight fires

More and more wildfires are being sparked by power lines in the wake of climate change, and this simple suggestion might just be the solution against this.

Inside Climate News

Cheetah reintroduction in Malawi brings vultures back to the skies

Four species of critically endangered vulture have been recorded in Malawi’s Liwonde National Park after an absence of more than 20 years. Reintroduced cheetahs and lions are credited with the vultures’ return: their prey remains have increased food availability for the scavengers.


The global tiger population is growing

The number of tigers worldwide has increased significantly for the first time in decades. However, some species remain highly threatened.


New Zealand moves ahead with world-first tobacco laws in bid to create smoke-free generation

Proposed laws, that include a rising purchasing age for cigarettes, have drawn praise and concern over their untested nature.

The Guardian

How bank accounts help homeless people

In many countries bank accounts are only available to people with a fixed address. In the UK, a number of banks have started offering accounts to homeless people, too. Some of them are now able to receive welfare payments.


Ways to make your home a truly green space

This group of students decided to turn a school project into an environmental solutions effort, greatly reducing a local home’s carbon footprint using a multi-faceted approach.

Next City

Indian NGO brings support to thousands of children with Cleft, and many doctors

The NGO ‘Smile Train’ is one of the largest organisations focussed on Cleft, providing platforms for support such as free reconstructive surgery, and training for doctors.

The Better India

A case study on remaining fair in the face of division

A major aspect of deep societal division is not treating each perspective fairly. This short podcast explores solutions in remaining fair in the face of opposition.

The Christian Science Monitor

Five data-backed representations that humanity is progressing

Amidst all the doom and gloom of many outlets, this collection of data representations demonstrates ways in which humanity is steadily improving.


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