Vanessa Hudgens strips in a bikini for Sandy Beach ‘Heaven’

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Vanessa Hudgens grabs the bikini action as she stuns from her beach vacation in the Philippines.

Following the headlines in late March, she made sure to get soaking wet in a skimpy bikini while taking a dip in the sea high school musical Alum returned for more swimwear action this weekend. More than that, Vanessa wowed fans as she posted gorgeous shots of herself enjoying the shoreside lifestyle. She has definitely packed an appropriate wardrobe. On Saturday, Vanessa showed off a colorful bikini look to her 49.2 million followers. Likes came quickly, with over 374,000 links in 24 hours.

Beach life in a skimpy bikini

Vanessa Hudgens opened up in selfie mode as she filmed herself in sunglasses and stunned with a beaming smile and in a green cover-up. Already showing off stunning sandy beaches, Vanessa returned to reminisce about her stunning figure as she posted a joyful photo of herself at the water’s edge.

The Know Beauty founder brought out her best leg and sizzled in her printed and tiny bikini. The actress showed off her long and toned legs and also flaunted her rock hard abs as she topped up her tan. Vanessa threw her head back a little, rocking her dark locks down and curling up. She also kept things cute by adding a colorful printed hair tie to match her swimwear. Completely golden tan, the former Disney star completed her beach outfit with gold earrings.

Also included in the gallery was a shot of a lounger on the beach, as well as shots of Vanessa’s feet, all covered in sand while relaxing. Vanessa took her caption and wrote, “Might as well be heaven,” then added #foreverphilippines.

Soaking wet in a bikini

Fans were quick to comment. “It’s the people that you will love about the Philippines. Beaches and attractions come second!” wrote one fan. Another user offered some local food. “Eat some giniling while you’re there. It’s been too long since I’ve had any. Yummy,” they said.

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram

Vanessa gained many likes three days ago when she enjoyed an immersive sea bath while stripping down to a string bikini.

Showing off her assets and toned arms and shoulders, the actress smiled while lying chest-deep in water. For her wellness moment on Instagram, she wrote: “Paradise”.

Here, too, the fans flocked to the comment column in droves. “I’m half Filipino, have been there several times and I agree it is absolute paradise. Maganda bansa at mga tao,” one user wrote, sending a local greeting.

Relaunch of the beauty brand

Elsewhere, Vanessa has been pushing the relaunch of her beauty brand, Know Beauty. She first launched the range in 2021. Fans are already used to buying things with Vanessa’s name thanks to her many collaborations with activewear brand Fabletics. Given these photos, the brand is probably glad they discontinued them. Appreciate Vanessa Hudgens’ style? Let us know in the comments below.

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