vexam of Flamengo and Palmeiras in the premiere does not change anything

The Libertadores night began with an embarrassment for Flamengo in Quito, losing to a new team, unknown, with no history — Aucas, from Ecuador.

Don’t tell me that Vítor Pereira chose a reserve team, because that’s not true. He played the majority that did not enter the field in the victory against Fluminense by 2 x 0 in the first match of the final of the Campeonato Carioca.

Santos, Rodrigo Caio, Filipe Luís, Vidal, Éverton Ribeiro, Gabriel… all players with a lot of experience and who were champions with the Gávea team. At Flamengo, there are no longer 11 starters, so they lost with the starter of that game.

There is a difference between being a reserve and having stayed on a reserve. Gabriel is not a reserve, he was only on reserve last Sunday.

In any case, this defeat in the first round of the Libertadores was shameful. Will it jeopardize qualifying for the round of 16? Of course. Vítor Pereira’s team will be the first in the group without any effort, but this was a match to win and impose itself, after all, the Gávea team is the current champion of the tournament.

Palmeiras also suffered a lot in the altitude of La Paz, against Bolívar, in the same stadium where The Strongest had defeated the mighty River Plate the day before.

Abel Ferreira, yes, chose a totally reserve Palmeiras, with many boys playing and entering during the match.

The game was balanced until Jailson was expelled at the end of the first half. Before that, Flaco Lopez scored a great goal, putting Verdão in front, but the physical exhaustion due to the difficulty in getting oxygen was clear.

Palmeiras took the turn in the first half and started the second half with one less. Bolívar accelerated the game with the ball rolling fast, because of the thin air, and turned around until the player Sangredo was also expelled.

From then on the game was open. Palmeiras even arrived well, but always missed the last pass. Without the sensitivity of the speed of the ball, the pass always came out too strong and the attacker couldn’t reach.

Time went by and wear and tear increased for the Brazilian team, and Bolívar began to physically overcome. Verdão lacked legs and the Bolivian team went for it. In the end, he ended up scoring his third goal and killing the match.

As in the case of Flamengo, this defeat will not influence Palmeiras’ classification at all. And I believe that Flamengo will thrash Aucas at Maracanã, as well as Palmeiras will also run over Bolívar at Allianz Parque.

The defeat of the Gávea team was heavier because the lineup was strong, with Gabriel playing in the position he wanted, which is as a center forward.

Abel Ferreira, on the other hand, put on a completely new team, with no rapport and with many playing for the first time in La Paz. But it was the second consecutive defeat for inferior teams.

Well, both Flamengo and Palmeiras will play in the State final this weekend, with Verdão taking more risks.

See you tomorrow!

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