Video: Merz: “We have a government crisis in Germany”

STORY: NOTE: This post will be broadcast without narration. Quote Friedrich Merz (CDU), Union parliamentary group leader: “This is at least the third time recently that the coalition has met for hours and has not achieved any results. You have to say it like that, we obviously have one in Germany Government crisis. The federal government can no longer agree on the essential questions of German politics. In the last few days and weeks, it has constantly been arguing in public. The Chancellor stood at times as an uninvolved person on the sidelines and acted as if he had nothing to do with the whole thing has to do.” // “Germany is now registered in Brussels as a total failure. A country that can no longer be counted on. A country whose government is no longer able to act in the bodies of the European Union because they cannot reach agreement on the crucial political issues here in Germany. And this affects Europe. And this affects the reputation of the Federal Republic of Germany throughout the European Union.” // “I would be happier if we could discuss real issues with the government than the inaction of this government. But that is obviously due to the fact that the federal government can no longer cope with the current challenges at all. And that is mainly between the coalition partners are so contentious that they have now been meeting for more than 24 hours and have not come to any conclusions. Not a good sign for the next few days and weeks, when we actually need a powerful federal government and, above all, powerful decisions for our country. Thank you very much !”


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